Playing this song with Eric at the Royal Albert Hall was a life long dream fulfilled.

Paul Rogers was our secret weapon at the Beacon Theater shows in NYC. Legendary in every sense of the word and what a repertoire to draw from.

I grew up playing Paul Rogers' songs in cover bands. To play them with him was a trip. He is still singing ridiculously well.

What a pleasure to play a couple of songs with John Hiatt at The Beacon Theater in NYC. A true English legend and an all around lovely man.

Beth Hart! What a force of nature. I just love playing this slow burner with a singer of this caliber. And what a band of brothers it was as well. Recorded in the Beacon Theater in NYC

The second of only two songs that Beth Hart did with us at the Beacon, but she nailed them. A great old school soul song.

This is what it takes to set up just a 4 piece blues band! Thanks to all the talented tech people that put all the pieces together every day so that we can play. And thanks to the talent and patience of the photographer Geoff Oldfield. 

One of my favorite songs of all time. I originally heard the Sam Brown version and I hope we do it justice!

One of my fave songs in the set to play. I have a lasting and endearing memory of playing it at the sunset hour at the Telluride Festival surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. It was a chilling moment as was playing it at the Royal Albert Hall. This is a version from the Beacon Theater NYC.

I had the pleasure to meet Gary Moore a few years before his death. What an artist. I'd like to think we honor his legacy.

An early version of this song from the North Sea Jazz Festival. From the beginning I wanted to bring a gospel influence to our live version.

Always an interesting and unusual song to play and this version is from one of the European tour runs.

This is a trailer for the Royal Albert Hall DVD. It's a rare glimpse backstage.

The title track from the CD of the same name, Dustbowl which was recorded at Black Rock Studios in Santorini, Greece. This live version is from the Beacon Theater NYC show.

It's not easy to play a slow blues! At least not like this band can. For me playing the Hammond C3 at the BBC in London was a highlight. Just thinking of how many absolute world beating players have sat down at this instrument from Steve Winwood to Jimmy Smith to the Beatles and beyond.